I saw a movie and there was a guy who is main actress' boyfriend in the movie.
He is considered to be perfect (handsome, funny, nice, fashionable and so on) but when main actress come to his boyfriend's house to cook with him, a big cockroach show up in the kitchen and he screams like a girl and jumps up on the table.

it was a really funny scene by the way..

Anyway, so I was wondered if anyone of you guys were scared of bugs, insects or worms.

me? yes, I am. I'm really freaked out of those scary things.

what about you?

Let's be honest, guys

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I ****ing hate spiders! They sit on your roof and laugh at you! *Raises Fist in air to spider*
I might have simply chucked at 'warms', but the fact that you spelled it wrong twice in different sentences made my facepalm.

Edit: But seeing as you're not a native english speaker, you get a free pass, since your grammar and spelling is better than 90% of native speakers.
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I am deathly afraid of roaches. There's not too many things I fear in life.. but I see a roach and i curl up and scream like a little schoolgirl. I just find them to be the most disturbing, disgusting, and uggliest looking things on earth
I don't think I'm necessarily scared. I think it's more that I'm disgusted by insects. Spiders and moths for example. It's just instinctual to me to jump if they come out of no where and start crawling on me or something, but I just end up killing it anyways. So yeah-- disgusted > scared.
No, because bugs are just curious little fellows.
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I'm scared of almost all bugs over the size of my fingernail, I think they're gross too :p
I'm the same as I was when I was six years old
And oh my god I feel so damn old
I don't really feel anything
My fear of butterflies comes from a bad experience.
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I saw a harvestman climbing up the wall of my bedroom a couple days ago. I let out what I thought was a quiet yelp. Turns out it my little yelp woke up my family.

What's weird is that I was never scared of spiders when I was younger. If I saw one inside the house, I'd just grab a piece of paper towel, scoop it up, and bring it outside. Now I just freak out if I see one indoors.
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My fear of butterflies comes from a bad experience.



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Worms cause I'm hearing some scary stuff about people finding them in their brains lately.

And roaches cause they're ewwwey.
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No, they are tasty little treats. I do however get scared when they come near of the possibility that they might scurry away before I can lap them up with my six inch tongue.

Spiders and Roaches = Nice and crunchy.

Worms = Chewy goodness.

Damn this thread, now I am hungry.
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WTF, I drew that butterfly when i was little! I used to pretend it was an artificial intelligence and my piece of paper was a computer screen, and I'd talk to the butterfly-skeleton A.I all the time.

I'm pretty scared of huntsmen spiders. All spiders, in fact.
I'm scared of wasps/hornets/bees/other insects that sting. Especially wasps. Those things are evil.
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Good moaning. I was pissing by the coffee, when I heard two shats.

Cookie for reference

Well, some insects are more scary than others. I hate spiders, and all those slimy larva thingies.
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No, because bugs are just curious little fellows.

I like to watch insects go about their business and I try to NEVER kill any unless (for whatever reason) they threaten my way of life, which hasn't happened yet.