One day my friend was riding a bike so i grabed onto the back while wearing roller blades, and picked up some plant thing and whiped him with it to go faster
then did you bang his tanned ass when you got home?

britain needs more rick shaws
Lady Gaga if you're out there, i don't care if you have a penis or not, i will marry you

You hit him with a plant you say?
"Rational arguments don't usually work on religious people.. Otherwise, there would be no religious people."
Whle you were shoving your penis up his anal passage?

Thought so.
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Everyone is trying a comeback now. Metallica, Smashing Pumpkins, Rage, and now bin Laden? Come on. Give it a rest..

*must not post pear*

Its hard to not want to
Yoda i be!

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its so much funner doing it with friends tho...........like masturbation

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With your post, the pit has its rightful name - the pit, the most lowest place on earth, after a 100 feet of earth and 200 feet of sh|t .
O what a disgrace if such a despised and base race, which worships demons, should conquer a people which has the faith of omnipotent God and is made glorious with the name of Christ!

The music winners listen to
You should really go to a therapist or something...
These whipping stuff could lead to a future in sado-masochism
Wait... did you just blog us?
I hate my username, it all happened in a rush