yes i know there are a zillion threads alreayd out there about this but i want to ask how i can fix this.

when i play on the bottom 3 strings(d,a,e) i get fretbuzz. on the e string it happens on every fret, and on the d and a it only happens up to the 22nd fret(24 fret guitar)

whats happening is when i move up the fretboard, the buzz comes from between my finger and the bridge. i have a floyd on my guitar, it is level and i have 10-52 strings which are in drop b. i think my action is a little bit low but i cant raise it by the pivoting pins on my floyd because one of the allen key holes is like rounded( was like this when i bought it) and i dont have a clue what to do with my truss rod, so i thought id ask here first incase i snap my neck in half.

your "low" tuning will have more chance of buzzing IMO.

try looking at your neck from the top so you can see down your fret board, and see the shape of the neck...sometimes it will be a "bannana" shape. the truss rod will bend it if its too tight. so fiddle around with that since your allen heads are rounded.

Also, I like to stick a folded piece of tin-foil on the nut under the string so it raises up the string towards the headstock a little.
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i just had a better look at my neck, and its pretty much flat. if anything there could be like the TINYEST bit of curve downwards(bending away from the top of the guitar, towards the back)

sorry i dont know how to explain what way it was bending
i suggest you buy a new bridge post and swap out the broken one.

then you measure the necks relief, the way to do this is to click the green link in my sig.

in the first post is an explanation of neck adjustments.

measure and post back here.
(dont fiddle with that nut)

also, is the buss transmitting thru the amp?
you're playing drop tunings with 10s.

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yes but its only vaguely coming through the amp..

how am i supposed to change the bridge post when i cant unscrew it? i suppose i could use pliers to undo it until its finger tight.. i dont know what shops around me sell bridge posts and i cant buy stuff of the internet so i dont know what to do there.

i checked the neck by holding the 1st fret and the 15th fret(thats where my neck meets the guitar body) and theres about 1mm between the string and the fretwire around the 7th-9th fret