Hay doods, me and my friend are building a 212 cab out of chipboard.
We've just cut out the first speaker hole, and i think we've ****ed it up a bit.
When we measured the centre point of the speaker, we measured from the outside, not from the outside of the plank we're cutting into it.
Is this ok? if not we can use some more chipboard, and should we cut the other speaker hole like this? fanks
Yes i know theres a little hole at the side, we're filling that with woodfiller latar :P
Pics will halp:

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yeah we dont have the speakers yet (warehouse 30s) the hole is 11.1 inches, and the speaker is 12.2 inches across, so there will be like a mm between the side of the cab and the speaker rim
Is that a problem?
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no, but what you shouldv'e taken into consideration is making the sides stick out a bit so you can put a grill cloth over it, you wont be able to have a grill cloth now unless you somehow extend the sides...
oh shiz >.<

Ill work something out, or live without grill cloth D:

we just cut out the second speaker hole, and put in some more screws. Ordering the speakers soonish
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and next time, be patient and wait for the speakers
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To make a grill you could do this;

make 6 to 8 small blocks of wood, about 1" x 1" x 1" place them at the corners then place the rest going along the front etc. glue these on and drill a small pilot whole for a screw.

then make a frame out of wood the same dimensions as the front of the cab, so the blocks you've placed on the front will line up with this frame, you can tolex the frame if you want, also this is where you will attach the grill to, you'll also have to drill holes for the screws so you can attach it to the cab.

That way you'll have a pretty secure method of protecting the speakes, well if your grill is strong that is, if it's cloth it wont do that much tbh. Also you'll have the option to remove it when ever you want to see the speakers, which will look pretty good imo.
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