Time to buy some parts so...
I need a new nut for my Squier (sh... It's all I have right now... sh...) because the plastic POS just sucks. I'm guessing I'd need a flat-bottomed nut, but the possibility of curved-bottomed nuts pops up so I thought I'd ask.

Btw: I'm unbanned.

Edit: Is it hard to slot a non-pre-slotted nut, and if no, what tools would you need for it?
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pretty sure theyre flat bottom. as far as filing your own nut as long as you have patients its easy to make six slots. if you want good action, intonation on the 1st to around the 4th or 5th frets and good tone and sustain it is extremely hard and i would suggest having a pro do it and if youre interested see if he will show you how its done. learning on your own guitar will probably destroy it before you get it right. its a delicate task that takes patients and precision.
Many strat nuts are now universal, they have a tab so it fits flat slots remove the tab for round ones. And sloting a nut is almost an art. It takes special tools and quite a bit of experience to do a good job.
OK, thanks guys!
And one more question: What type of nut materials are your favorites and why? (I'm buying from Allparts)
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anything but plastic is usually considered pretty good.
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Earvana nuts ftw!

Haha but seriously, look into them. I got one on my strat to test em out, now I have it on all my guitars, the best intonation I've ever had. They come preslotted and everything.