I'd say so.
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all the hondo strats ive played were very nice sounding
they were usually pawn shop guitars and needed setup, but they played good

i would keep it stock and set it up if needed
Wow, that's an awesome tremolo!
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Thanks I will let it as is but I will be shielding the cavities to reduce some hum. And the tremolo is a Kahler Flyer
It's no good, send it to me to keep, lol.

No, I'd keep it stock if I were you.
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I'm curious as I have a similar Hondo..is your body made of plywood?
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Thanks, and I dont know what tipe of wood is, probably is plywood. The tremolo is good and keeps in tune very well
IIRC, the Hondo Fame line was the MIJ while the Hondo "Pro" line was Korean and then the Hondo II's were made all over asia, japan included. That model's probably an early 80's model and those MIJ 70's and 80's guitar had some AWESOME sounding pickups. The bodies were hit or miss, there are Strat copies with plywood bodies and solid wood bodies from the same line of guitars. Like, my Ibanez is a 2375, should be an Ash body, but it's actually a plywood body (found that out recently, bummer). I've been checking out japanese strats on ebay and it's pretty inconsistent.

In anycase, I'd keep that thing stock, I just reverted my Ibanez back to stock, actually, and it sounds WAY better than when I had it tricked out. Just give it a set-up, try it out, and if you don't like it, you can customize or sell.
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Thanks then the guitar is good or is like any other guitar? Thanks
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Thanks then the guitar is good or is like any other guitar? Thanks

if it is, infact, a Japanese made guitar it's better than most korean guitars being made, even comparable to american made guitars in some cases. If it's their korean model, it's pretty much just, "meh"
Fact: Bears eat beats. Bears beats Battlestar Galactica.