so i just got a prewired steve lukather set of emg's put onto my mexican strat. looks ****ing wicked and i got them thinking that they would sound similar to my previous seymour duncan pearly gates and two texas special single coils, only with a higher output, but the single coil emg's are actually very weak sounding, compared to the humbucker in the bridge, the other two pickups do not sound like they are worth as much as i paid for them... i'm very pissed off, what do i do to make my emg's sound more strat like?
my mate has the exact same problem with his steve lukather sig musicman, the single coil pickups are much weaker than the humbucker. there isn't really much you can do to make EMGs sound like anything other than EMGs, the only recommendation i can give is sell the EMGs and either research some new pickups very heavily before putting your money down or just put the old ones back in and leave it at that
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What sound do you want? Gilmour uses EMG's in his strat so maybe, if that's the sound you want, you should look at using a Hiwatt half stack like his. I think it might make a difference (especially to your bank account).
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