I know there aren't many jazz cats around here, but what the hell. Me playing a bit of All Blues and So What by the master. I hope you like it!
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It's good, could use a drumbeat to give it a bit more flow, right now it sounds a bit like Granpa Hillibilly playing on the porch :p (I don't mean that as an insult, just my view on it). So What had more of a beat, although it's a bit too beboppy to really fit Miles' style. But then again, we played that song and turned it into a psychadelic prog-song and threw in a long guitar solo with a ton of gain and delay, so I'm not one to judge :p Refreshing to see some jazz on UG.
It was decent, but the inconsistency in the time kinda threw it off for me. IMO playing in time is one of the most important things to learn to do, and it didn't really swing, especially at the beginning - it did get better, though.

And with solo pieces, especially with tunes like All Blues and So What, I'd have expected there to be a bit more of an arrangement. These tunes are pretty repetitive and I think you could have done a little bit more than just the head, maybe throw in a couple of acappella solo lines over a chorus or two.

And just FWIW, don't take this as a personal attack or anything. When I crit people I can sometimes be a little harsh, and I can be especially critical when I comment on a jazz tune.
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