so i got a set of single-coil gfs pickups, and the the pickguard screws only fit on the bridge pickup

so now im gonna have to go to the hardware store and look for some screws that fit

has anyone else experienced this?
have you tried the originaly pickups screws in place of the screws that came with them?
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there were no screws that came with them
im using the ones that came on my guitar
I'm pretty sure they use metric screws. Probably size M3 or M4
Not taking any online orders.
There are several size and threads of screws used in pickups. They seem to go out of their way to use incompatable screws for different companies. I bought a whole box of various screws for guitars and its rare to find any that fit anything. Wrong thread, to big to small to long or not long enough.
That's strange, every time I had bought pick ups from GFS they come with all screws.
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I recommend emailing guitarfetish about that, they'll probably send you a set of screws.