A good friend and I are starting to think about forming a band, but I have a few questions.

1. My friend who I am thinking of for rhythm guitar, is a classical style player, and has the potential to be a versatile player, but he is having trouble with some more modern techniques, like Bar chords, power chords, using a pick, etc. Should I go through the process of teaching him these, or find a different person? Keep in mind this is my best friend I'm talking about.

2. We are having trouble finding any other members, as in bassist, drummer, singer. I am a fairly good bassist, so if we were to record something, it could work, but for live performances, I cannot play bass and guitar at the same time. For drumming, we could use a drum machine, but, the problem of playing live comes up again. Lastly, no one I know can sing, so we are thinking about being instrumental. The chances of us getting gigs at this point is pretty low anyway. My questions are, should we bother getting a bassist and drummer, considering gigs are quite unlikely at this point? And should one of us learn to sing, or just focus on writing and covering instrumental music?

3. Both of us have different musical backgrounds and tastes. He is more into Pop Punk bands like Green Day, The Offspring, etc and is a classical player, he likes to put things like fingerpicking into what he writes. I am more into heavy metal like Arch Enemy, Children Of Bodom, Opeth, Lamb of God, etc and I am a metal player, who likes incorporating things like Sweeping, tapping and even some bluesy parts into my music. Will the differences in our styles make it harder for us to write good music, or will it actually make us sound Better?

For those of you who actually read all of that, thank you. I'm hoping that some people with experience with this will be able to help me out!
Just keep looking until you can find the pieces that fit, man. Don't tell your friend "You can join our band, but only if you change your style completely to better fit the current contemporary guitarist ideal." He plays how he plays becuase he loves it - taking that might hinder him. If he wanted to do what you're doing, chances are he'd be doing it or learning to on his own.

As far as having different tastes, that's what makes new sounds. It's always gonna be a struggle at points to write, even if your influences are the same.

Just gotta keep sloggin through people until you find a unit that fits.
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Have him learn all those lovely Green Day songs. By the time he finishes, he'll be a pro rhythm guitarist. Have him google around electric guitar technique, start him off by teaching him to read tabs for Green Day/Pop punk songs and just let him rock out.

Drum machine + recorded bass are not so hot, but for the time being just jam with your friend. Go to some shows, or casually talk to drummers ("Wow! You play drums? I didn't know that! We should jam sometime!" when you're actually fully aware that they drum).

Drums is a big deal.
Get another guitarist for you, if he´s your best friend, it won´t be good for the band.
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My buddy and I are trying to do pretty much the same thing...except were going to try making his little brother play bass, possibly use a drum machine, and have one of us make an attempt to sing...anyways, I'd say stick with it cause your different musical tastes could lead to something good.
Why don't you play bass for a bit, until you find someone to step in as a bassist. That way, you only have to find a drummer, and can start practising ect.
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is it bad to start a band with really good friends?

what if you change the line-up?
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Get another guitarist for you, if he´s your best friend, it won´t be good for the band.

Why is it bad to have a band with friends?
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Why is it bad to have a band with friends?

Speaking from very personal experience...sometimes you'll lose those friends.


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Yeah, if your band is just made up of your friends and two of the people have a falling out, then there goes your band down the ****ter.
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Yeah, if your band is just made up of your friends and two of the people have a falling out, then there goes your band down the ****ter.

Or, in my case, if the band has a falling out, you lose a long time friend.


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Even if you do sack someone and stay friends, things become awkward between the two of you. Its like the pink elephant in the room (the sacking is), you know its there, but you're gonna ignore it coz its easier.

It aint pretty.

The way I see it, playing in bands is all about meeting new people and making new friends, so you might as well try to get together with musicians you don't really know.
If you fall out, hey, they weren't your friend anyway, if you become friends, hey, you've gained a friend.
Now after 25 years of playing in bands, practicaly all of my closest friends are those that I have met through music, I have a few friends from before I became a musician after leaving school, but I would never get into a band with any of them, infact, thinking about it, I can't actually think of any of those friends who actualy play.

Although, that said, there are plenty of musicians who grew up together and successfully run a band.

The main thing to look for is personality. If you had a choice between two musicians, one was a great player but an arsehole but the other was a great guy but only a mediocre player, go for the guy who's only a mediocre player because he can always improve his playing but the other guy's probably always gonna be an arsehole.
You want easy going characters, who are willing to work hard and who want to achieve something.

As for having different musical tastes, read this;

Once you've got your band together, read these;
whats wrong with finger picking?
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