How can I fix a copper pathway on my Amp's circuit board. It peeled up where I soldered. (I know, I know, too much heat)
Just run a jumper over the break in the path. If i understand what you're talking about, there is just a break in the path. This happens every so often, just solder a wire to one side of the break, and one to the other side. It's your call on whether to use insulated or just straight wire. in this case, I'd use a spare lead from a cap or resistor sitting around.

Is that what you're talking about?
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Without pics it's hard to see if this 'll work but one way is to take a solid copper wire (not stranded) that's close to the size of the run that lifted. You lay this wire on top of the run and wrap both ends neatly around the leads that exit the pads at each end of the run. Now, with a low wattage iron (33 watts), you tin the entire thing bonding it to the leads at each end and the cooper run you lifted. You can thne run some superglue or epozy dlong the run area but don't go over the pads so it can be reworked later.
A couple of tips from an old solder..., clean, chisel style tips (not points) transfer heat better. The idea is not to spend more than a few seconds at the solder joint, you shouldn't have to press hard either and to match the tip size and wattage with the target!
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