So pit, very simple, which global media source do you consider to be the most reliable, impartial and trustworthy?

and I mean big corporations like CNN, Al Jazeera, Reuters, FOX, BBC, BSkyB, etc.

for me it would have to be the BBC or Reuters, but I like Al Jazeera when theres a big story to get more info.
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Discovery Channel.

actually, don't ever trust ANY form of media.

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None... Internet is the most reliable for now.

Nothing on tv is trustworthy.

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fox news.

nah, i don't really know. mostly on-line articles
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I obtain my information from multiple sources - that way I can extract the truth by seeing all sides and all reports, and see which pieces of information have been used by all of them.
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I'd say Reuters. But it's always good looking other places too.
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national enquirer
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The History Channel.
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I only trust myself.


EDIT: Seriously? I only trust Eurosport
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Al Jazeera maybe, however i never saw that one.

Edit: I don't really care about global media, i watch the local stuff but they are lying too.

I mean not exactly lying just hide the most importatnt parts of the happenings or hide the facts which could be wrong for the government. Yes this happens in 2009, EU, under liberal-leftwing goverment.
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I don't 100% believe anything i've seen/heard via the media unless i've seen it myself.
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What about the Onion?
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i don't trust any media really, but cnn would probably be it.
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But BBCnews24, because i gets it in my room at uni

That or BBC wales, hard hitting reporting there ....ish.

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I like AlJazeera too to get the other side, kind of.
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Ever since Al Jazeera reported a Ron Paul 2nd in the primaries when all big US media didn't have him in the list at all I've given them respect though I don't watch them regularly. I find the BBC generally decent but sometimes they make me angry. The CNN I pick up isn't that bad (it's the European version) and Rick Sanchez has got to be the best anchor ever. Mostly I'll read online articles.