Song I've been working on for quite some time now. It doesn't have a name, and, I'm not sure that it's complete, but, yeah. I'd appreciate some crits, and will C4C

EDIT: There's an updated .zip file a few posts down.
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The intro reminds me of Holiday by the Scorpions. I think it would be nice if the lead guitar at the beginning was a solo instead of it just following the rhythm guitar. The first solo was awesome, and then the acoustic arpeggios following were nice too. Third part was nice,specially the bass. The third solo was kind of boring. I liked the acoustic chords at the end too. Overall it is a great song.

8.5/10 just because it's not my style.

Mind critting mine? (new one in sig) Thanks.
I love the song title "Crowining the Insane"

I'd be nice when the distorted solo guitar first comes in, if it played a variation of the melody that the cleans played in the intro. I love the way the intro builds up with the drums!

Second part sounds good.

Solo 1 sounds pretty good. Kinda generic, but still works well.

Bass sounds amazing in the third part. 2nd solo doesnt even really seem like a solo though, just a lot of bends and some riffs. Sounds more liek a lead guitar.

I think instead of having the cymbals count off at 118, it should go sstraight into the 4th part with the solo guitar still ringing out

4th part is kinda strange. Seems a little out of place, especially with the 5th part next to it. Haha, part 5 sounds a little goofy. i like it though. the solo is good too. no complaints about that

The ending (185-192) would be more satisfying if it was a bit longer

Haha, song title isn't there yet, that's the name of my band =P

But, thanks for the crits. I'll take 'em into account and spit out a new product when it's done. =P

As for the specifics, Spoon, yeah, I was kinda worried about the transitions, and, I'm starting to see the 4th part is out of place, but, I think your advice helps with that. And, I'm thinking about re-working the second solo. It got old fast >.<
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Thanks for critting my song man :]

Alright aas I listen...

Intro: I like the acoustic. It's very mellow and laid back, and then when the melody comes in fits really good. When you start harmonizing it sounds kind of weird to me... it has a egyptian feel to it and it doesn't fit the song with me. I like how it builds upon itself, but I like more "All in" type things. And the drums are very nice too.

Second Part: Very nice transition. Very, very nice acoustic part as well. The thirds in the solo don't really fit with me, but everything else is good. The harmonics are very nice. Completely change the mood.

Third Part: i LOVE the bass here. Very active which is pretty rare now-a-days. For third solo. It reminds me of the first solo and the intro melody at first... that's kind of a let down. This particular one doesn't really stand out for me... it just seems like you should have connected the two and let it continue together. I don't really like how the parts just stop. A fade-out would do good.

Fourth Part: The drums are interesting here. I like them. The guitar should have a new melody in my opinion... or a new chord progression, it seems very stale by this point. But the part right before the fifth part is really good.

Fifth Part: The fifth part makes me laugh xD It doesn't seem like it takes itself seriously. The solo here is pretty good. Definitely differentiates itself from the rest. It still makes me laugh though... don't ask why :] This solo is actually really good. Nothing I would really change about this.

The acoustic chords that follow add a much needed depth to the section. That gives it a really good feeling.

Bar 185: Same chord pregression, but an amazing drum section, I like it alot. You're like the king of build-ups.

Then at 193 you bring back the intro for a good outro I hope... the solo at 201 is really good. Though, some notes you picked towards the end of it sound REALLY out of place. But that's probably what you were going for.

Overall, 8.5/10 because 1) it's not my style 2) some notes were out of place (not many, so don't worry ;]) 3) Some of the transitions aren't too smooth, and 4) its too repetitive for my tastes.

BUT! Don't let my comments get you down :] It's a really good song, some parts are just iffy to me. ^^

And again, thanks for the crit.
Just an update, completely re-did the second solo, and edited some transitions.

Thanks for the crit, by the way! =D
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Hey, thanks for the crit.

First part: Acoustic rhythm accompanies the lead very nicely, and the harmonies following are really well done, nice work there, I felt it dragged on a little bit, but it leads to the next part well.

Second part: Nice change of mood, I liked the solo here, not too complex but fitted the atmosphere nicely.

Third Part: Sick bass here, really enjoyed that and the second solo on top mixed nicely.

Fourth Part: I felt the transition was a little awkward, but the part in itself is quite good, good work on the drums here. The 7/4 part with just bass and guitar reminded me of Tool, which is always a good thing.

Fifth part: Complete change of atmosphere, always interesting to see people throw a few curve balls in there. Nicely done. Sounds like something fun to jam to.

Conclusion: Recap back to the intro was a nice way to finish off, ties everything up nicely.

Overall 8/10 Good work
Cool intro (updated version), try taking that lead acoustic guitar and turning it into a piano instead, might sound better.

Bar 25, good distortion lead. If you ever get this recorded use a wah pedal for that part, it'll sound ace.

Bar 37, very nice transition. I liked this part out of the whole song the most.

2nd part, changes the flow of the song but in a good way. great use of syncopation too. Don't change a thing for this part!

3rd part, whoa! Where did that come from? lol, I like surprises though so it's all good. I think it works well, it comes out of nowhere haha. Try fading in the guitars maybe? Not sure if that will sound good or not.

Bar 97, its an OK lead, nothing special. It serves its purpose though, the transition to the 4th part could have been handled better however.

5th part, no comment. It's too "uppity" if you know what I mean. The 3rd solo was cool though but honestly I don't think it works w/ this song, at least not the way the song started out in the beginning.

Add some drums and distortion guitars to the outro and fade out, it'll be more effective that way.

Overall this is an OK song, its more of a hard rock song. 7.5/10, it needs some tidying up in places. You have so many parts (214 bars!!) in this song that it'd make sense if you split it up and made 3 individual songs, all you'd have to do was add a few riffs to each of them.

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So, I re-wrote almost half of it, and would like your feedback on it. Thanks!
Song Number 8.zip
"I'm not concerned about all hell breaking loose, but that a PART of hell will break loose... it'll be much harder to detect." - George Carlin
Intro was a little dull and generic sounding.

Started picking up at 37. Bar 49 was definately my favorite part of the song. The first solo was pretty good. Fit in very nicely. Bar 73 was good, too, although I'd suggest moving those chords onto different strings lower down the fretboard, because you're probably gonna have some intonation issues playing them as written. Solo 2 was enjoyable as well. Nothing I can really complain about. Corbin's part at 97 was really cool and another of the best parts in the song. The D minor at 107 felt a little weird and forced. I'd wait until the previous chords completely fades out before coming in. The progression at 107 was enjoyable once I'd gotten over the weird transition. Now, the third solo at 135 is absolutely terrible. Out of key notes all over the place. I liked 143, but I think it was dragged on a little bit long without anything interesting happening. Again, make sure you're in key for the solo at 159. Lots of bad notes. 187-190 was good and gave a sense of energy building, however 191 killed it. The solo at 203 was much better than the last 2. Nice faded outro. Perfect ending.

Overall, I'll give it a 6/10. Needs a memorable melody and the solos need to be cleaned up a lot.

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Pretty much what Stewie said. Oh and in some parts, it seemed like you extended parts that were ready to transition.

I know its not much of a crit, but StewieSwan had the exact same thoughts I did.

A couple more revisions and solo-checking, and it'll be great