I'm looking at buying a 7 String at some point.. under $800. Any recomendations?

And I'm definately not getting a black one. My Ibanez is already black. I like the look of the Gloss White Schecter C7FR
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Schecter c-7 Hellraiser if you want actives
Schecter c-7 Blackjack if you want passives
Ibanez has just released two white 7 strings

Althought only the white S7320 is withing your budget.

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Is there a difference in body shape/colour between the Schecter C7FR and the C7?
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Or the Blackjack ATX if you want Duncan Blackouts

the 6 string version is godly playing wise and tone wise, and i love the colour.

In fact i didnt have enough money to buy the schecter so i bought a fernandes in the same colour :P