Picking one of these up via a trade. ANyone have any experiences with these? They look good, good reviews, good specs, any details?
I have one a pretty nice guitar. Looks awesome sounds about as good as an epiphone can check it for dents because the edges chip really easily also before you trade for it plug it into an amp and flip through the three pickup selections and play a chord while switching. Because theres three pickups its more likely to have wiring issues mine does right now where if u flip to the rythm set the sound will flickr instead come through steady gonna take it to get looked at soon. Overall though a good guitar not quite as good as an ibanez you can get for around the same price just out of curiosity what are you trading?
It's... okay. Personally, I'm not a fan. The third pickup reduces sustain and since it takes up the middle pickup selection, it means you can't blend the neck and bridge pickups together which is something I use a lot for various tones.

It isn't in any way a bad guitar, it's just you should try and be sure first you really like the tone of that middle humbucker before you get it. If you're not sure you'll get much use out of it then you will probably be better off with a regular LP Custom or Standard instead.
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I'm trading my Randall RM50 (since I have the head version anyway). Looking at this as a solid backup, already got a killer esp. Also, plan on swapping out the pickups for some dimarzio, most likely steve special, evo and breed.