Whats up dudes. I recently purchased a Crate Blue Voodoo BV120H for insanely cheap off craigslist.org. I am new to tube amps and have never actually owned one before. First question, does this amp self bias?

Next, the amp has three 6L6c Groove Tubes. I need one more tube to power it, my question is should I definetly use another tube of the same type and brand? or could I throw any old 6l6 tube in there? I am not sure whether or not I have to use 6L6C or what, and if i can mix and match different types/brands. Any helps appreciated
You can, though it works better if you use matched pairs.

I think GT power tubes are rebranded, but I'm not sure.

Also, the BV is fixed bias, which means that it is not self-biasing.

Finally, since you bought it used (and it only had 3 power tubes), I suggest you get a new set of tubes (all 4), and take it to a tech. Or at least open it up and see if anythings fried.
Power tubes should be matched and as it would appear, the 150w BV and below are self-biased (quick Google search, I didn't really look deeper than that).
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so if I was to get 4 new tubes, would they have to be 6L6 C or any type of 6L6? and would I have to bias it then?
thanks for all the help. and forgive my stupidity as i'm totally new at actually owning a tube amp. so any kind of 6L6 tube will work? like a 6l6gc or a 6l6gb will all work just as good as the 6l6c that comes with it? but i have to get it biased when i put them all in?

i'm still a little confused with the biasing thing, the dude who gave it to me said all i've gotta do is plug em in. but i dont know ****!