Today I will be cutting out the shape of the body on my Paul Reed Smith styled solid body electric, and while I still have probably 3-4 weeks before it is time to finish it, I figured I would ask for opinions.

Right now I'm thinking just a really good sanding job with several coats of tung oil, but I've also considered using a sort of vintage amber tint. I really like the smooth satin feel of the tung oil finish, and that would prevent fingerprints from showing, but what I'm really after is whatever finish will make the grain pop as much as possible. I'm using a quilted maple top, and I want to show it off as much as possible. What finish would you guys recommend, and does any certain color stain bring out the figuring better than others? I've also considered having a body shop spray a clear coat on it, but this would likely cost $50-100.

Any comments/suggestions would be great, as would pictures!