Is this cab really as good as the stats say? its pretty darn close to the Framus 212 on their page.

Harley Benton G212 Vintage

Does anyone have any experience with Harley Benton products? what is the build quality and sound like?

Ive made a few posts over the last few weeks with regards to getting a new amp. And ive got mixed feelings now.

Ive been really impressed with the Bugera's sound whenever I have played one in the shop. They get good reviews in terms of sound but the build quality is still questionable, so I might need to follow Beerchurch's guide if I get one for making sure everything is safe before playing.

I was all up for buying the 333xl combo until a few days ago ... but I dont want those Bugera speakers. Would rather have a set of celestions tbh

So ive decided im going to go for a head and a 212 cab (I dont have the space for a 412 sadly otherwise I would get one!) Also a head would be much handier for carrying to gigs.

Need some opinions before I buy obviously.

My budget is £500 ... I would like a 212 cab, prefereably with Celestion V30's . And a good metal head.

Harley Benton G212 + Bugera 333xl head?
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Sounds like a good choice, cant really do much better for that price. those cabs and the bugera's are very good value.
^they recommend it because its their own brand

but, yeah, i doubt you could go wrong considering the price


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even if you don't like it their is a 30 day money back guarantee, and if it does crap out there's a 3-year warranty, so it sounds like a pretty sweet deal.

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Yeah theres that extra bit of reassurance there. I would imagine it would be a pretty sweet deal though. As I said up top ... its almost the exact same specs as the framus 212 except a bit heavier. Should sound awsome with a fully retubed 333xl head.
the G212 vintage is the greatest deal on any cab ever. for a measly £160, you get a celestion Vintage 30 equipped 212 wired for 8ohm mono, or 16 ohm stereo, meaning for late night playing you can drop down to 112 if your amp does 16 ohms, and the reason this amp is such an amazing deal is because it costs less than the speakers in it alone, (because they buy at trade obviously) and still the rest of it is built very well, and wired well.

im getting a second, so I can use them both together as 412, the versatility is truly shocking.
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All the Harley Benton stuff is good! FX are good, their amps are good and so are their cab's.
I have a 112 myself and it sounds fine!

I would get it if I were you!