Okay, so I just changed the oil in my car, and after I changed it I realized I mixed 5W-20 and 5W-30 oil together. Is this bad?
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probably not but you should go by what the manufacturer specs are

it will run and wont damage your car but if you can just do it again with the righ oil to be safe
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check the specs or call a mechanic
if in doubt, spend the money and just change it to the right oil
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Shouldn't be. 5W30 means that when you first start your car, the oil behaves like a 5 weight. Once your engine's heated up it thickens and acts like 30 weight oil. It shouldn't be a big deal, imo. You basically just have 5W25 now.
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It's not the best idea, considering your car's oil should be one or the other, but mixing them and creating 10w-25 isn't going to hurt too much.
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Okay, so I just changed the oil in my car, and after I changed it I realized I mixed 5W-20 and 5W-30 oil together. Is this bad?

yes, it's bad.

This is the Automotive equivalent of mixing wine and beer. You wouldn't do that, would you? Your poor car is gonna puke. Probably overheat and spew antifreeze out the radiator cap. Then it might piss transmission fluid in a big puddle on the ground. Maybe ever shit axle grease. Who knows?
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As long as you don't mix synthetic with regular motor oil you should be fine.
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^that doesn't matter. If it's the about the same weight, it wont hurt. oil is oil

And no , it won't hurt that you mixed those.
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its just a thicker viscosity at cold. It really wouldnt make much difference if its synthetic in anycase.
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u can mix any kind of oil... 520 with 530.... 1030... 520. it doesnt matter really

if ur car has synthetic oil. and u mix plain 530..520.. whatever with the synthetic then the syn oil is now sh*t
as said, probably no harm.
unless your car is quite old as in pre '98. if its more than 10 years old/ maybe 120k miles, i'd drain it and put in the right oil, just to be safe.
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