building my first guitar and need help with the electronics.
2 HBs. want 1 vol and 1 tone and instead of a sel switch, I want a "fader" knob to blend/ select Pup.
Don't even know what question to ask first.
Part selection, wiring diagram, (stupid idea?)
I have repaired a lot of my older guitars but never designed - built the wiring part... just replaced stuff.
Any help "guys"?
("quotes" added in deference to any lady-shredders on board. We must all be appropriately P.C. here in the Age of Obama, right?)
Thank You.
Basically, people in this section of the forums only know about already made models/brands (Generally speaking of course). If you ask in the GB&C forum, you'll definitely get the answers you need.
Also, in the GB&C they've got all wiring diagrams, tonewood threads, everything you'll need.
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