Hi everybody. I have a question and i hope somebody will be able to help me. How can i achieve a sound as close as possible to Strapping Young Lad in the song ALMOST AGAIN by using Boss pedals? Which Boss pedals are the best to achieve this goal? Thanks to anybody will help me. Matteo
boss pedal? lol..wont happen..

try a boosted mesa stiletto trident or deuce
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don't use boss pedals unless it's exacltly what they use.

the only way to get the same tone is to use the same exact setup, and even then, tone comes alot from the fingers too
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Yes guys i know all this but i was looking for a way to get close to their sound without spending billions for gear. I don't want to exactly replicate their sound, simply get as much close as i can to it.
EMG 81s and either 5150s or Dual Rec.

A rather simple - yet heavy sound.

Must be in some sort of low tuning - usually CGCGCE for Devin with an extra G for the seven on some songs.