I just bought an...

Ibanez RG320FM (blue) for £170 inc. postage and an
Ibanez SZ320MH (Natural Mahogany) for £185 inc. postage

Assume they are both in good condition as they were described, did I get a fair deal? What do you think of these guitars?


Oh yeah i just buy guitars and then dont even post pictures. Do you know what you are...a bastard.
guitar pr0n please
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Quote by ikey_
perhaps i have a superb epiphone. the japanese man must have gotten laid and won the lottery right before he made my guitar. whatever.
I only have these pics at the moment of the actual items...

Don't have a clear pic of the RG but it's supposed to be in very good condition. It's the same as this one...

Replace the pickups in both and maybe the edge trem, and you have two nice guitars for a fu*king good price.
Bought a new Roland Cube 30x Amp the other day too so I'm looking forward to trying it all out. These are the first electric guitars I've owned. Only had an acoustic before. Don't ask why I bought two at the same time, it was an impulse thing.
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