Hi there!
I’d like to introduce you our new project: metalschool.
We’re a team of metal musicians from all over the world and our dream is to develop a new completely free site on the net where everyone, from beginners to pros, can find articles and hints for improving technique or just starting play metal guitar.
If you play metal guitar and you’d like to share with us your knowledge, just send us an email at metalschool@hotmail.it with:
- how do you play this or that technique (palm muting, legato, tapping, ...)
- how do you play solo or rhythm of a song
- your little secret in home recording
- where do you get inspiration before writing a riff and how do you write a song
- musical and meaning analysis of a song
- simply your authorization to post your youtube video or your article posted in another site
- ....everything: will be much appreciated!
At best writers will be asked to join our growing community as author or moderator.
Every article will be posted with the author signature.
The site will be online soon: be one of the first!
Thanks you vey much and stay metal!

Metal School Team

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this sounds very familiar...metal guitarists all on one website....guitar.com? no, thats not metal enough.
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this sounds very familiar...metal guitarists all on one website....guitar.com? no, thats not metal enough.

Wow a community where guitarists can get together and talk about guitars where have I heard of this before?
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