unfortunately my good guitar was stolen so off to buy a new one
im using a metal core pedal n the 100 HDFX Marshall
now im playing a washburn wg-587

i like the shreading i can do on 6 strings
but the squeels n riffs i can make on 7 r awsome too

hoping you can help me decide from my list
or if u can advice a better 7 string to get the best of both abilities do tell
for a price of $500

schecter damien 7
schecter omen 7
ESP LTD SC207 Stephen Carpenter 7-String Electric Guitar
ESP LTD Alexi200 Alexi Laiho Electric Guitar
ESP LTD AX260 Electric Guitar
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Quote by Pac_man0123
1) Sell marshall
2) Buy decent amp
3) Buy RG7620 (7 string) for $400
4) Be happy

+1 "be happy"

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