So I searched around and found a little help on this but I have a few other questions as well.

My P bass I built buzzes when plugged into the amp and I'm not touching anything metal on it. When I touch the strings, tuners, knobs, or bridge, the buzzing is reduced to almost nothing. So its a grounding problem I'm pretty sure. I'm using a Stewmac P bass wiring kit for it with Seymour Duncan SBP-3 pickups.

Here's the wiring diagram I used.

Haven't been able to take off the pickguard yet b/c I'm in a dorm room at school and won't be able to do anything if I do take it off here.

So here's the questions.

1. Is it going to hurt my bass or amp to play it as it is. The buzzing isn't like horrible but its noticeable.

2. We grounded it at the bridge by looping the bare end of the wire around one of the screws. No soldering as we couldn't get the solder to adhere to the back of the bridge. It should still be grounded though right? I talked to a local guitar repair guy and thats what he said to do.

3. The pickguard doesn't fit exactly, it is very very slightly off so it is slightly bent at parts. This pushes the input jack over so I think its touching the body wood of the guitar sometime. So depending on how I move the input I get more or less sound from the guitar. Is that from it touching the wood or a bad wiring or what?

I'm going home next weekend and am hoping to fix the problem then when I have the tools etc. Where should I start?

It's normal.

I don't care what anyone else says, it's normal.

Why does everyone think this is a problem, anyway?

For the pickguard thing, you may wanna do something about that. It's pushing the tip of the jack in ways it shouldn't be pushed.
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If its normal than its normal but I've seen a lot of ppl say the rewired parts of it and the buzzing was gone. I forgot to mention it didn't always buzz, it started about 2 weeks ago...

Would sanding the side of the cavity like a half inch from the top to create a little cave or divot solve the problem? Then it wouldn't be touching wood?
It doesn't matter if it's touching the wood, just if it's being jammed up against it. Making a little divot is a good idea, but use a dremel with a sanding barrel or something. Otherwise it'll take forever.

Every guitar I've ever played or re-wired does this. aybe magic was involved. Idk.
I'd check all of your grounds. If it just started doing it, its either a ground wire thats come loose or theres something in your house thats causing it. Could be a computer, TV, light dimmer switch, etc.