Ok this is the second time im trying to restring my guitar and this ones brand new i got the low e string out easy and got that one done, i tired removing all strings at once so i could clean the pickguard and such, but i cant get the rest of the strings out. i tried al of them and they are like stuck. i have a fedner strat so they come through the back i keep trying my hardest to push them through and couldnt get them. they are all loosened so i took off the back plate i tried anyway to help loosen them but tehy wouldnt budge so what can i do to get those out? please help im very frusterated
What? You took the back plate off, loosened all of them from the machine heads and all that good ****. Try taking some pliers to the string and push them through?
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i tried poking the old 6th string through the second bridge hole to move the ball out but i couldnt move it it is still STUCK can anyone help me im so frusterated i really dont want to have to take my guitar in just to get it restringed