I got this at guitar center, for christmas, and ever since the strings were a little close for my liking, but I sucked it up and got used to it. Now that i'm much better I am trying to learn the song Psychosocial by Slipknot, which is in either Drop A or Drop B, can't figure it out.

After I tuned it out, then back to standard, the strings got messed up, and since the knobs on the neck which keeps the strings really tight, to keep it from out-tuning while using the whammy(it's got other knobs on the base of the guitar to fine-tune). I made them really super-tight by accident because I forgot lefty-loosey righty tightey or whatever, then I took them off re-tuned it, put them back on without using a death-tighten. Then when I was about to record a vid for youtube, the strings were so close that they weren't even ringing, making it sound horrible, it sometime doesn't even play the fret i'm holding. Is a guide to adjusting this guitar?
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the strings were a little close for my liking, but I sucked it up

were the strings too close together or too close to the fretboard?

btw, psychosocial is in drop A.
low to high:
(sorry, got his wrong the first time)
A E A D F# b

I haven't looked up your guitar by since you said it has a locking nut and fine tuners, Im gonna asume you have a floating trem / floyd rose. there should be allen key thingys (technical term I know) for lowering abd raising the trem, just remember righty-tighty means a lower bridge and therefore a lower action (distance from the fretboard to the strings).

Hope this helps!

EDIT: just looked it up, that is one sexy guitar!!!
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I think to detune a FR trem, you have to do more than just drop the tuning. You will have to remove the cover plate on the back of the guitar, and adjust the springs out so the bridge will still sit level and "float". This is quite a bit of trial and error, but you will have to loosen the springs, then tune it to where you want it several times. Tuning it that low probably resulted in the bridge resting against the body where it is routed. It will also result in the blade of the bridge ( the part that rests against the two allen screws right behind the bridge pickup) to be pulled away, and cause all kinds of action and intonation issues.
RLucas is right. I have an RG aswell and I had the same problem when switching string gauges. YOu're going to have to get in to the springs under trem and loosen them up.

And also when retuning, make sure to have 'dyamic balance'. That balance between the locking nut, the the trem and the tuners. If you're just goign to like Drop D form Standard it shouldn't be much of problem. You have to take off the locking nut, then tune one string at a time. By the time you tune each one, the whole thing will be out of tune. But that's good. Than you put the locks back in and use the mini tuners until you're satisfied.
Also... Underneath the cover that covers the springs...
There is a 'Claw' that holds the ring-ends of the springs. That Claw is held in with two screws that can be adjusted in or out.
I do not know how long the screws are, so use Good Judgment.
Too far out, and they might pull loose. Too far in might split the body.
But using Good Judgment you should figure that if you have to loosen the screw a Lot, you should just remove one spring.
Likewise, if you have to tighten it a lot.... Add a spring.
I just bought three springs online for $3... It cost more to ship them.
So I got some 'string-holder blocks' while I was at it. You will eventually need those anyway.

Good Luck with that...
My Bich has a Floyd, and I just 'Blocked' it in place with a stack of pennies covered with black electrical tape.
I don't do whammy-bars and I can do my bends with fingers.