So i've been looking about for an amp lately which is small and portable, but also loud enough to hold out over drums, so i can use it to practice at college.

I went to my local guitar centre today and asked for some reccomendations, and every single one of them told me to get the Peavey Vypyr 30W modelling amp. They gave me a demo, and i was pretty impressed with all the tones and effects. However the amp is the exact same size as my marshall 50DFX (\flameshield), so theres no point in getting it really because it would be just as hard to bring to college. I looked at the 15W model which was a much better size, but the guy said it probably won't be loud enough.

Also what was annoying was that the employees were sponsered by peavey and were all wearing peavey t-shirts, which is why the only amp they showed me was the peavey. I kept asking them if there were any other amps i should check out, but they were like 'oh this vypyr is the only thing you need and its awesome and you should just forget everything else blah blah blah..'

Im not saying that its a bad amp, but i just want to know if there are any better alternatives i should look at, because i don't want to get the first amp i see. Is this peavey really as good as they kept saying? Or are they just paid to talk crap?


I need a small portable amp, which can compete with drums. (15-20 watt???) Im not bothered about whether its tube/solid state, and for price, i would probably pay £200 at the most.
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Bull**** it's not loud enough. I'm capable of jamming with my 15w MG with ease - I even played a show to 100 people with it. The Vypyr is supposed to be louder than the 15w MG, too. I say if you like it, get it.
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Still, the 30 is FAR superior. The speaker, while not outstanding, is much better than whatever crap is in the 15. It's more versatile, and you can update if need be.
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So you guys don't think there are any other amps worth looking at?
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I have the 15 watt Vypyr and it can get pretty damn loud. I dont know if it would work in a band situation though.
Vypyr 30 I have never turned pass 1. It is too loud. But it is heavey as holy hell.
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As far as portable practice amps go, the Vypyr is about the pick of them... the Cube is good too, not far behind the Vypyr IMO.