This isn't a particularly serious question, I'm just a little curious about something which is probably really obvious

I see a lot of people modding pedals by simply replacing resistors with different valued ones - if such a simple swap makes them improves the sound, why don't the manufacturers just use the better resistors in the first place? AFAIK there isn't much cost difference.

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Well, there's two reasons. When I modded my DS-1, it didn't just improve the tone and sound, it changed it completely. It's no longer "distortion," it sounded like an amp trying not to break up, but can't help it, now. That's not the sound Boss was going for, same with my Ibanez PH5.

As far as improvements go, it's cost of production. Like, doing a true-bypass mod to a Crybaby? It's a no brainer to set up the crybaby as true bypass, but it costs slightly more to produce true bypass pedals than momentary pedals. Sure, it's only like... $5 worth of parts and a half hour of OUR time to mod one pedal, and it's probably about $.50 worth of parts and 10 minutes more for Dunlop to do that, but when you're producing millions of something, that cost adds up.

Same thing goes for just improvements in quality of parts. Like, the new Arbiter Fuzz Faces use Silicon transisters, instead of the old Germanium ones, becuase the Germanium ones are harder to find and cost slightly more, so, mass production dictates using cheaper parts. If you can save 4 cents on a transistor that you need two of for each pedal you're making and you're making 2 million pedals, it adds up.
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Also, why would companies make all the products the best they can be straight away?

If they make a $hitty model and a good model they can charge a premium for the good model.

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