So I went to this music store around here and asked the cashier guy for a whammy bar. I told him how I have an RG so he pulled out a box of bars and handed me one. SO I got home and put it in my guitar and messed around but I think he gave me the wrong one..when I push on it the back of the bridge(the side facing away from the neck) pulls off the guitar. It makes the right noise but I want to make sure I'm not gonna destroy the bridge.

tl;dr When I use the whammy bar is the bridge supposed to lift off of the body?
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Alright cool. Thanks man! Also while I'm at it. Anyone know any good songs that have whammy in them?
Iron Maiden songs.
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I never learned any whammy bar songs, I learned with just experimenting with the whammy bar.
If you want to challenge yourself try some of Dimebag's wammy stuff, that's always a lot of fun. If you want something more subtle, try learning SRV's Riviera Paradise, amazing, beautiful song and I found it helpful because you have to lean to be very controled in your use of the bar, you can't just grab it and push and shove all over the place.
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