I got this at guitar center, for christmas, and ever since the strings were a little close to the fretboard for my liking, but I sucked it up and got used to it. Now that i'm much better I am trying to learn the song Psychosocial by Slipknot, which is in either Drop A or Drop B, can't figure it out.

After I tuned it out, then back to standard, the strings got messed up, and since the knobs on the neck which keeps the strings really tight, to keep it from out-tuning while using the whammy(it's got other knobs on the base of the guitar to fine-tune). I made them really super-tight by accident because I forgot lefty-loosey righty tightey or whatever, then I took them off re-tuned it, put them back on without using a death-tighten. Then when I was about to record a vid for youtube, the strings were so close that they weren't even ringing, making it sound horrible, it sometime doesn't even play the fret i'm holding. Is a guide to adjusting this guitar?