Man that was amazing! It looks and sounds like you putted a lot of effort in the gp file. and the song is great. I don't have anything to crit really, it flowed perfectly, the solo and the breakdown were top notch. The lyrics were catchy too. You did hell of a great job with this piece. 10/10

mind critting mine?(New one in sig) Thanks.
when people ask me what i like the last thing i would say is hardcore. but i liked this. i loved the breakdown. its like... still kinda pretty and happy, but like aggressive too. pretty good man
My Metal (gp5) Songs

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also, how did you make your snare sound like that? like echoey...
My Metal (gp5) Songs

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A PE teachers got a shotput in the side of the dead

Head + dead = dead?
Alright, critting as I listen so here we go:

Intro: I turned off the vocal melody since I don't like vocals in my GP stuff. But the piano is good. And the second intro is really good, and has a really good melody. Very enjoyable and happy.

Verse 1: I really like the piano. It sets a good mood for the vocals (which I hope would be better than GP stuff >> Some of the drums in the Verse seem too 'heavy' for a section that soft. Like when the splash comes in and just rapes everything at bar 34. I think that should be more low key than so loud. Everything else is good though.

Chorus: I really like the transition into the chorus. It's really good. It's definitely a chorus, and it will definitely grab someones attention and stick in their head. I like it.

Interlude: It sounds more like a continuation of the chorus rather than an interlude.

Verse II: Same comments as I said for Verse 1.

Chorus II: Again, good transition.

Guitar/Solo Bridge: I really like it. The drums seem like they need to be turned down.. or the guitar turned up. Other than that it's really good. The piano here is really good. I like the way you used it. The solo itself is really good.

Bridge: Very good piano here. Very nice transition into the breakdown with the drums.

Breakdown: Haha... this sounds so pop/punk it's not even funny :] If it weren't for the piano, I would think it was a pop/punk song. I really like it too, it keeps that happy sound present throughout the song.

Then the chorus repeats and then the breakdown for a very good ending to the song. I think a sudden stop would have been better than a fade out though. That's just my preference though.

Overall, 9/10. It's not very often you see really happy music. I didn't read the lyrics, since lyrics don't interest me half as much as the song, but the music itself was good. The main thing that bothered me was the drums. They seem too... loud, and active in some parts for a song like this. I can definitely see your hardcore influence in the drums though. Good job :]

Truly inspiring stuff dude, I love it
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This is really amazing stuff, dude. Like, I wish my computer wasn't skipping right now so I could REALLY hear it. I really don't have anything negative to say about it, but so that I'm not being a complete waste of text, I'll say if you still want to work on something then maybe the solo. And since you asked specifically, I don't care to much for the words. Like, they're good enough that I would use them if someone in my band wrote them, but they're not amazing, IMO. But the vocal melody is incredible.
I think post-hardcore fits as it reminds me of MCR.

Not really similar but, C4C?