I recently finished up a new track entitled, "Celestial Birth" and was looking for some feedback. It's a psychedelic rock song that also contains a sample of Aleister Crowley speaking in it. Let me know what you think, crit for crit!

Here's the link: www.myspace.com/scottfleschmusic


P.S. For some reason Myspace lists all my tracks as twice as long as they really are.
Nice dry crunchy tone on the guitar. The drums are good but could be a bit louder. I like the pad thing in the background as well. This could use some vocals, though. I don't really know about the sampling. There's too much reverb/delay on the sample and it only becomes audible when the more quiet part begins. Other than that, pretty good song.

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This sounds really post-rocky! I like the way the music is kinda building towards a climax.. but where's the climax? I don't know if you listen to post-rock but God Is An Astronaut is a great band. It might be useful to listen how they build up their songs to orgasmic climaxes. The overall quality of this track is excellent though.

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(Off topic a bit, but how do you like that Digitech phaser of yours? I'm planning to buy a phaser sometime but don't really know which pedals to check out.. )

It has a very relaxed vibe, which is cool. I've never really listened to psychedelic rock, maybe I will check it out. I mostly looked into this because Crowley is an awsome guy. He really added to the song. Some vocals would make this song easier to listen to, as well. Maybe it is because I am not a big fan of instrumentals. Anyways, great job. Great riffs. No complaints, sounds very professional.
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Hey there! I'm a very big fan of the Volta myself

I loved it! Great ambiance and use of recurring theme. I love the little nuances about it, including the audio effects which really tie the piece up to a a fantastic little ditty. I actually half expected to see your Type of label to read 'Major'

if you're up for critiquing anothers...
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