I've been playing acoustic for about a year, and I'm lookin to buy my first electric. I'd like to keep the total price under 1000 USD. I talked to a guy at guitar center who was recommending a laguna or an epiphone les paul and a Raven amp. Not sure if he knew what he was talkin about though.

I want something that will be diverse and allow me to play a lot of styles (indie, blues, rock, ska). I am not a metal head and won't be doing any major shredding; probably the heaviest stuff I ever play is Muse or some Tool.
Here's a list of some of my favorite bands:
Radiohead, Muse, Arctic Monkeys, Led Zeppelin, Jimi, The Beatles, AC/DC, John Mayer, RHCP, Tool, Kings of Leon, Vampire Weekend, 311, Sublime, Wilco, White Stripes, Raconteurs, u2, Strokes, Rage Against The Machine, Queen, The Who, MuteMath, MGMT, Klaxons, Jet, Cat Empire, Cold War Kids, We Are Scientists, Breaking Benjamin, and Chronic Future.
Among others...

Any suggestions or tips or help would be much appreciated!
i have a agile al3000 and a crate v18 tube amp. got the guitar for 379 and the amp for 150, both new. both play and sound pretty sweet and would fit most of your playing style. to do some of the newer stuff i would recommend a distortion

the only thing i have against epiphones is part of the price is for the name
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you should look at getting a guitar with a floyd rose it will help with playing muse and queen

Im not saying youre wrong, but how will a floyd rose help?
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$1000 for starting? Wow... Keep it simple unless you're 101% certain you'll be taking it seriously. But, anyway, I'd say an Epiphone Les Paul and a Vox ADVT wouldn't go a miss. Can't say anything about Agile since you can't get one in the UK..

EDIT: To be honest, unless most of the stuff you'll be playing is Muse (or other bands that use a trem) a Floyd Rose is not worth the hassle.

But I'm a metal head so... Floyd Rose all the way!!
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you can't go wrong with a yamaha pacifica. good quality and value for money. check them out.
yeah, 1000 was the very most Id be willing to spend if there was a real jump in quality at that price range. I just want something quality that will last, I don't to have to upgrade in a couple years or something. Thanks for all the help.

What do yall think of fender?