Ok so, I'm getting a thinline (semi acoustic) tele, and i'm wondering whether I should put a bigsby on it.
First of all, i'm poor, and useless, so

1. Where can I get a cheap copy?
2.How hard are they to install?


3.Do bigsbys ruin sustain, increase sustain, or have no effect?
4.What do they do to the telecaster sound?
1. There are "licensed" bigsbys, I'm not sure of the quality, I think you can find them on allparts.
2. They're pretty easy to install: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=23DH-uFn6A8
You might want to get a roller bridge, which will help it stay in tune.
3&4, I don't have one on a tele, so I'm not sure.