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I have a couple questions on Protein Shakes. I'm 5'11" and I'm 130 pounds. I'm 16 years old, and according to most BMI sites, I'm "slightly underweight".

Not as a self-confidence issue, just as a preference, I'm trying to put on some pounds. I have a girlfriend, I have friends, I hang out with them on weekends, I have a job, so my image is not my concern. It's simply my health. So should I be taking protein shakes to put on weight?

These are my questions, should I decide to try them:

  • Are you supposed to drink them when hungry? or full? or does it matter?
  • If I consume these shakes, when's the earliest I will see results?
  • If I consume these shakes, do I HAVE to exercise, or will daily activities suffice for them to be effective?
  • Can I drink one glass? or does it have to be more then one, daily?
  • Can I drink one over dinner, or should it be immediate?

Thanks for all your help, Pit.

EDIT: I felt my questions wouldn't be answered in full if I posted in the Nutrition thread, that's why I posted it here.
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gain muscle weight?

or just weight period?

also, there should be instructions on the package of the protein drinks, also, the only bodybuilding and fitness thread.
There's bodybuilding/general nutrition thread somewhere.

You should really try to read the stickies my friend.
They're just food, you just add them or extra normal food to your diet and lift weights until you're gaining about 1-2lbs a week.

Check out Rippetoes for a good weights program.
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