Seen some reviews for the older models, but not the JTK3--anybody have one? Curious about what Ibanez calls the "Ibanez original soap bar pickups." Anybody familiar with these? What kind of sound would something like this produce?

Why am i asking? well...like a dope I just bought a Jet King on ebay without trying it out first. The price was right and I'd been eyeballing this model for a while cuz I like the style so i just pulled the trigger. It was only $200 (they typically go for $300, and this one is brand new) , so i guess if I absolutely hate it I'll just sell it.

Anyway, if you have one, lemme know what you think. THANKS!

I'm sorry I don't have any information on this guitar. But Ibanez always has great quality and IMO never put out a bad guitar for the price.

I'm also curious about this guitar, I've been interested in it for sometime.
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I never played the JTK3, but I've owned the JTK4 (dual humbucker version with bigsby) since Christmas, and I love playing it. I wrote my opinions on my Jet King 4 here:


I have P90 soapbar pickups in another guitar, and I'd describe the sound as fat, thick single-coils. They're kinda in between a humbucker and single-coil tone. They're great for crunchy, overdriven stuff (all kinds of rock, punk, blues, etc...) and clean. Not ideal for metal though (at least most modern metal).
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