So I opened my messages just now, and what do I have? A message from Kaitlynn_60rw. Who is this "Kaitlyn_60rw" you may ask? Well. Here's the message:

" Heyy! I was browsin' round the search, and I hit ur profile. You give me the impression that you're a very remarkable person, but Im quite inexperienced on this site, and don't really know where to go here. Can't they have a chat here? Well, I don't like sending msgs to ppl, and sometimes not receiving a responce. Well, if you are interested in chattin' with me, you can catch me over at http://www.friendscentrale.net/?id=3598&profile=sa ucy_beauty , my name there is saucy_beauty. So, ya, hope to see you. I'm always looking to meet more people. Chanel Brooks"

Is this a scam or does she really think I'm a "very remarkable person" and want some hot Platypus Lovin'? Your opinions Pit.

If this is spam, I'll delete it.
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THANK YOU!!! i love you Snyde_Platypus!!!

I explained "lulz" =D
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It's spam, delete it.
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She wants your hot platypus lovin'!

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she's already banned
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