...is what i have to spend and all i have to spend on some new gear. currently i have the guitar and amp from the squire stop dreaming start playing pack, a fab distortion pedal and a blues overdrive pedal. I play everything from blues to hard rock. please recomomend me specific products. thanks.
A Dunlop Wah Wah Pedal.

Perfect for solo-ing and it's used very well in blues and hard rock.
Oh sorry! My bad. I didn't see that.

I'd recommend more along the lines of a blackheart or maybe a fender champion if you already have some pedals. They can achieve good hard rock sounds with pedals and are great for blues on their own.
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Check out a Vox DA 20. Nice little modeling amp and has pretty good tone For SS. Good blues models too. Has all the usual effects you'll find in a modeler and 2x8's speaker setup.
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I use a peavey 110 amp, I know it's not the best but it really is a nice amp, and its got a good tone, and I bought it from someone who had his for years, and it has held up for me extremly well. Very durable.
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Quote by loudog93
peavey vypyr. now. or roland microcube.


either one of those amps.

you NEED a new amp. Keep any leftover money and save some more to buy a new guitar in the future.
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Peavey Vypyr 30 watt is a nice amp for blues with the built in Fender Twin model with some reverb on.
Does rock VERY nicely too.
Has basically every legendary rock amp built into it.

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I would look at a new amp first the microcubes etc are good practice amps and can be picked up cheaply enough new or second hand. Then once you are used to your new amp you can then save up for the guitar you want.