My friend and I are learning Butler's Bag and Eugene's Trick Bag for a High School talent show.
Basically, we're going to perform the "Cutting Heads" scene from the movie Crossroads.

Seeing as how I'm "playing" Eugene, I have to figure out two things that Vai does if I want to really want to pull this off:

The massive chord at the end of the song,
And how to get the insane bend that's inside the chord.

I think the bend is either 24b29 or 29b31.

And all the tabs I've seen only say to do the bend at the end. (I didn't mean to rhyme.)
But there is obviously more notes to it.

Can anyone help?
steve vai used a telecaster, and used the pickup as a fret. i could be wrong
I know about using a Tele.

But I'm just gonna deal with having to play it an octave lower.

But I need the full chord.
he fretted it on the pickup

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If we're thinking of the same thing, that's a bunch of overdubs.
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The crazy, but beautiful chord at the end of Eugene's Trick Bag?

If you mean the very last thing "Eugene" does before Jack starts messing it up and loosing then, yes it is a load of overbudded parts, just get a good bend on the 24th fret and you should be ok as long as it's in key.
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It's overdubbed harmonies.

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