I want a NOFX (Punk in Drublic), Blink 182 (pre-Dude Ranch). Sum 41(All Killer No Filler), Anti-Flag (For Blood and Empire) sound. What guitar would give me this sound?
Guitars are never the main part of your sound. It'll always be the amp and/or effects and distortions that give a band their sound. You probably will have better luck looking up the gear that those bands use and find something that could cover them all.

You could get an Agile3100 and it would be pretty cheap and get pretty close to those tons...depending on your amp of course. Marshal Amps.

It all depends though, some songs they use humbuckers, other you can hear a strat single coil sound...
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Your current set up should be able to handle those bands distorted sounds fine. If you find you dislike your clean tones, it's no the guitar, its the amp.
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I dunno how helpful this will be, but when I saw Anti-Flag last February I'm pretty sure they were using Marshall amps. I couldn't tell you what model, though...
TS you do know ALL of those bands use DIFFERENT GUITARS. Anyways like everyone else has been sayin the amp is the vital part of your sound. look into an amp first, But most bands usually gravitate around using Les Paul guitars or Tele's and even Strats. For example Blink has always used fender guitars, but if you look at say Social Distortion they mainly use LP's. Its totally you're choice so just experiment with it. But if yo're looking at amps marshalls are usually a punk staple. Of course there are other amps that sound similar. I know The Briggs use Rivera amps so just find what works.
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NOFX= Telecaster and a Mesa
Blink= Stratocaster and a Mesa

A Les Paul should work just fine though.

^ Im'a huge Social D fan and yes they use LPs but with P-90 pickups and a modded Fender bassman. Fletcher from Pennywise uses a custom shop Ibanez but the common theme is Mesa.... Amps are huge in defining your overall tone.
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