What kind of guitar is it?
What's wrong with it, or what could be improved?
You shouldn't mod a guitar just for the sake of modding
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What guitar is it? That would be the most helpfull thing right now to say.

Other than that, new tuners, saddles, nut could help more than new pups if it's a low end guitar
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Old Electra X90
missing a humbucker, think neck is bending slightly strap locks crap, I want to murder the tuners
well i bet you could find a new neck, some new strap locks, a pickup, and maybe a set of tuners?
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Old Electra X90
missing a humbucker, think neck is bending slightly strap locks crap, I want to murder the tuners

ur gonna need more than $90
but i'd start with a new humbucker and tuners
u can get the neck adjusted and who cares about the straplocks
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I say throw it away and save up a little more money to buy a decent low end guitar. Hell, even a brand new $99 Squier sounds like it'd be better than that right now.
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Any simular expirances UG users?
Try tightening the truss rod. That /might/ help your problem with the neck. Though probably not.
You probably won't find a new neck, either: basically, the only necks you find on a regular basis are Strat and Tele necks. And I highly doubt either of the above will work.
You'd have to make one for the guitar.
Some suggestions:
Full Setup
New Pickups
New Tuners
New Paint Job
New Bridge
New Electronics
New Nut

It all depends on whats wrong/ what your looking for.
Also note, you will probably only be able to do two if not one of the said options with $90...
What sort of guitar is it? I know you've said what who makes it/what model it is.

Can you post pics?
Looks like a set neck - can't see any bolts in the back - Replacing that'll be a real challenge.

I'd have a look at a new pickup, tuners, maybe strap locks, and get a full set up on it if you aren't confident you could do it yourself.
Fair enough - can't see any bolts in that picture! (it's not your guitar in the photo anyway though!)

Well if you know the scale length and the size of the neck pocket you might be able to find something.

I'd still get a set up first, it might be all it needs