Digitech Bad Monkey
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digitech bad monkey
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how dose the bad monkey make your guitar sound?

it's a good overdrive, similar to a tube screamer
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Quote by jpo1992
how dose the bad monkey make your guitar sound?

Look for it on youtube, musiciansfriend.com also has some sound clips.
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What kinda effect do you want?

For Distortion the BOSS Ds-1 is good, but it really depends upon your amp. A lot of amps just don't mix well with it, whereas some mix brilliantly. It's a real marmite pedal.

If you fancy whipping out the old soldering iron you can have almost any effect for about £30 max. I'm currently making a Dan Armstrong Orange Squeezer compressor and my best friend is making a TS-808 Tube Sceamer. He's only spent £30 and I've only spent £20, where as if we bought them new it would cost above £100.

I put together an A/B box the other day as well, cost less than £10 and it's made of good parts.

Making your own pedals may be a route that interests you and by going down that road you can have good pedals for very little money and make them out of as high quality/heavy duty parts as you fancy.
Boss DS-1
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