Hello everyone, it's been a while, but I finally wrote something new

The song is a ballad... kinda. it grows, but maintains the coolness of a ballad the whole time but the end is quite epic. Well here it is!

Tainted Horizon

Looking over
My fallen brothers’ eyes
Staring back at me

I know why
This land is mine
I’ll fight or die
Freedom we cry

All the feet marching
To a constant beat
Firing guns
Blasting at their feet

This land is sacred
By the choice of God
We battle here, to fight
The tainted Horizon!

Acoustic part

I’m lost
I’m lost inside myself
Every step forward
Seems further away

I see
The tainted horizon
It calls to me
I won’t let it take its hold

I know
I know what happens
When this is over
New life begins

I’ve found
I’ve found my freedom
It never left me
I’ve found my home


Different riff

Hope drained eyes
Looking to the sky
I’ve lost it all
Still I cannot die

Fire Burns inside
But cold cuts like knives
I cling to my steel
I will win the strife

(up whole step)
Hope filled eyes
Look toward the sky
I’ve found my home
My heart will never die

Fire burns inside
I have denied
I’ve seen the face of Death
But I would not say goodbye