im self taught on guitar. ive been playing for alittle over a year. but taking some breaks off it cuz of football. but i just abosultly suck at soloing onan electric gutiar. can you give me some easy pointers on how can i become a better soloer.?

Learn ze scales.
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Probably not the tips you're going to want to hear, but here are your options:

1. Find a good guitar instructor.
2. Practice. Practice. Practice.
3. Pick up some books on the topic.
4. Learn on your own. See 2 and 3.

Not trying to be a smart*** here, but learning to play solo and lead really can take a lot of effort, since they don't seem to come natural. Learn your scales and then try using those scales to mimic what you hear being played. Quite frequently, this will help you develop your ear.
well the area many easy things that can help you solo. Im going to assume your talking about improvising. A tip is knowing a lot about music, such as key signatures and scales. It can be hard stuff to learn but it will increase your overall guitar skills. Work on speed also. Find a cool little riff and just play it faster and faster. Eventually after a lot of practice and experimenting, soloing will become a natural process

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