I like DRs, Ernie Balls arent bad
it really comes down to personal preference, just try em out
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I like D'addarios and Ernie Balls best
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yeah, personal preference is what you need to consider, cause, i love RotoYellows, but, a guy who fixed one of my guitars threw in a new set of strings, saying they were the best ones he had used, a set of Dunlop strings, they played like crap to me, i immediately bought a new pack of RotoYellows to replace them

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It's aaaaall preference my friend. I personally prefer DR Extra Lifes and hate Ernie Balls. But it doesn't matter what we like, it's what you like. It's something you just have to find out for yourself by trying out lots of different kinds and brands over time. Once you find the kind you love, stick with it!!!