So my birthday was a week or so ago, and after the expected birthday money I have about $200 to spend. I play all styles of music, songs ranging from A Farewell to Kings to BYOB. I want to buy something that will help me progress, or learn new styles, maybe an effects pedal or a cheap new amp or something.

My Guitars:
Ibanez ART100
Oscar-Shmidt OG2CE
Yamaha CS40

I have a Roland Cube-15 Amp and a Zoom G1X digital effects thingy.. Thanks
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maybe a talkbox? you could get some kind of effects pedal or something of the like. What genre of music do you play?
If your looking for something that will help you progress as a musicain a nice guitar should do the trick.

I would sell any electric guitars you already have and the zoom pedal (since the cube isn't that bad of an amp and it has built in effects anyway) and use all the money you have and get a nice mid ranged guitar.
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