Hey, I'm looking at picking up the bass guitar. Looking around, I have no clue at what I want to buy.

I'm just looking for some advice on guitar models/ brands/ features as well as amps I should look for...

This is my first bass, and I am cheap but don't mind forking over extra for quality.
I play metal type music alot, and a some grunge, rock and classic stuff too (I already play guitar.)

I'm looking at a lower end 4-string Ibanez bass and a Peavey training amp at a local shop right now.

... Help?
Exactly how much cash do you have at your disposal?

Typically in a beginner's setup you want to spend as little as possible on the amp and as much as possible on the instrument. You won't be using a practice amp all your life (hopefully), but it's nice to start with a bass that has a semblance of quality that you won't get sick of.
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