My band is trying to record bass, but for some reason when we stop and play it back, it's not in the right spot. Anyone know why? We were thinking it was because we recorded our vocalist about 7 or 8 times and did it in different takes and think that it's taking up too much space. We're using Audacity by the way.

Any help would be greatly appreciated.
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ahh i also use audacity... ALMOST always i have to take the track and move it back (to the left) just a little bit to make it line up with the rest of the tracks.
Its called latency

Its usually one of 2 problems, your computer is running at max (you might need more ram to take the load off the computer or maybe a faster harddrive if you're using a laptop)

Or your interface is being slow... what IS your interface... If you say the ps2 singstar adapter... thats why

I'm not too sure but there might be latency settings in audacity... or it could be a memory bug. If its NOT your interface and its NOT your computer its probably audacity.