I looked around the stickys for a while and didn't see what I needed.
Any help would be appreciated.
Building my first guitar from "scratch"... (ordering the various parts, at least)
need a wiring diagram. I have replaced all my own parts for a while but never had to design/build a set-up from scratch.
Here's my goal.
2 HB, 1 vol and 1 tone, instead of a selector switch, I want a "fader" knob to select/blend the Pups.
I am moderately stupid, so the simplest treatment is best with me. I am pretty much immune to offense so do not be afraid to use the "soft bigotry of low expectation" ( Thank You, W.) when endeavoring to help me.

In case it matters:
Custom rear-routed Mahog. Jazzmaster body angled pocket for TOM bridge & tail.
Maple/Rosewood Tele neck, 25.5 of course.
either '57s or '59s Hubucks.

I greatly appreciate any help here.

Edit- PS
I could really use suggestions for particular specifications for the pots/ potentiometers, etc I need to put this thing together.
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Try checking out some bass diagrams, as it's infinitely more common to find that fader set up instead of a selector switch on a bass guitar.
I am thoroughly digging the Goldclap smiley icon, there.
Thank you.
I will check em out and see what I can dig up.
Thank You.
Toid - Chris
What kind of bass am I looking for?
make and model...
Told you!!! I'm stupid.
look in the Ultimate Wiring Diagram thread on the first page of this forum for general help and here


for the blend pot diagram. (2nd pic down). I posted this in the ultimate wiring thread (post #327).

EDIT: Just to pre-empt questions:

Source A & B are the 'hot' outs of the HB's.

Generally 500k pots are used with HBs to 'lighten' the tone (more highs through) but it's down to personal preference really.

I prefer Audio (logarithmic) taper for volume due to how we perceive sound and linear taper for tone but I've seen either used in both positions.

If you have 2 (or single) conductor wire, one goes to ground (bare) and the other is the 'hot' (signal) wire.

4 conductor pickups can be wired for extra effects like series/split/parallel/phase etc but require switches or push/pull pots to work.
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